Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Pakistan: VICTIM of Terrorism" - 'FATA Awareness Initiative' Series

Pakistan has emerged as the biggest victim of Terrorism and Terrorist Attacks over the past decade or so. Mild estimates put the civilian casualty figures in these Terrorist attacks at 14000~15000 (5 times the total American civilian casualties in Terrorist attacks). The casualties among Pakistan's security forces are roughly estimated to be 6000~7000 (Again 5 times the total American military casualties in the War on Terror).
Even then the OBAMAs and BROWNs and SINGHs and KARZAIs call Pakistan a "HUB of Terrorism". In reality Pakistan is the "VICTIM of Terrorism".
In an effort to allay the "Terrorist Pakistan" rhetoric, "FATA Awareness Initiative" Team presents the actual picture of Pakistan's woes at the hands of Terrorism in a new series "Pakistan: VICTIM of Terrorism"
Here, we will try to share as much information, about the Terrorists attacks against Pakistan's STATE, SECURITY FORCES and CIVILIANS, as possible. Just click the Links to see the information.

Brief Facts about Terrorist attacks against Pakistan (Source: Associated Press)

Casualties in Terrorist Violence in Pakistan (2003~2011)

Year 2011 - “War on Terrorism” Related Violence against Pakistan’s Citizens

Year 2010 - “War on Terrorism” Related Violence against Pakistan’s Citizens

Note: All info is shared here "in good faith" and after all thorough research possible. However, "FATA Awareness Initiative" Team may not be held responsible for any discrepancy in the info that may explicitly and/or implicitly damage anybody's interests. Corrections will, however, be made if any errors in the info are pointed out.

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