Sunday, May 15, 2011

Basic Info about FATA, Pakistan - "FATA Awareness Initiative" Series

"FATA Awareness Initiative" Team presents a new series "Basic Info about FATA" carrying some basic information about the agencies and frontier regions of FATA. The team will try to include info about the history, geography, tribes, customs, administrative setup, personalities, issues and current affairs of each agency / F.R. 
The team will also endeavour to simultaneously update and correct the information on this subject available on wikipedia.
The information about any agency / F.R can be accessed simply by clicking the relevant links given in this post.
1. Bajaur Agency
   1.1 Introduction
   1.2 Geography
   1.3 History
       1.3.1 Bajaur and British India
     "MAMUND Uprising" against British Raj (1897~1898)
       1.3.2 Bajaur and Pakistan

(To be continued)

Note: All info is shared here "in good faith" and after all thorough research possible. However, "FATA Awareness Initiative" Team may not be held responsible for any discrepancy in the info that may explicitly and/or implicitly damage anybody's interests. Corrections will, however, be made if any errors in the info are pointed out.
We Hope You find the info useful. Keep visiting this blog and remember to leave your feedback / comments / suggestions / requests / corrections.
With Regards,
"FATA Awareness Initiative" Team.

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