Friday, April 15, 2011

Top Stories & Columns - 15 April 2011

Here are some "Top Stories" of the day.

6) Hiring of Pak fighters in Behrain irks Iran (The News)

7) Kayani says Army to Leave NWA after Peace (The News)

8) BISP takes U-Turn after Scandal - By Ansar Abbasi (The News)

9) PPP Baloon pricked by SC decision to hear ZAB case (The News)

Here are some good Newspaper columns of the day. 

1) The Reality of Babar Awan - By Javed Chaudhry (Daily EXPRESS)

2) Women's Rights and Nikah Nama - By Anwar Abbas (Daily DAWN) 

3) Uncomfortable Despondency - By S. Akbar Zaidi (Daily DAWN) 

4) The Implications (NATO Pullout) for Pakistan - By Khalid Aziz (Daily DAWN) 

5) Regime Change at Gunpoint - By Muzaffar Iqbal (The News) 

6) Higher Education Dilemma - By Qaisar Rashid (The News) 

7) Climbing up the greesy pole - By Shafqat Mehmood (The News) 

8) Z.A.B Reference: Taking everyone for a ride - By Ayaz Amir (The News)


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