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Electromagnetic Fields and Energy - Textbook with Video Demos from MIT

Here is a free Textbook "Electromagnetic Fields and Energy" with Video Demos and Solutions Manual from MIT. Just Click the Links to access the resources.

Full Textbook in ZIP Format (121 MB):
Textbook - Electromagnetic Waves and Energy

Textbook Chapters in PDF with Video Demonstrations:

Chapter 1: Maxwell's Integral laws in free space (PDF) 

Demo 1.3.1, 1.5.1: Coulomb's force law and measurements of charge (MP4 - 27.1MB)
Demo 1.4.1: Magnetic field of a line current (MP4 - 14.5MB)
Demo 1.6.1: Voltmeter reading induced by magnetic induction (MP4 - 15.6MB)

Chapter 2: Maxwell's differential laws in free space (PDF)

Chapter 3: Introduction to Electro-quasi-statics and Magneto-quasi-statics (PDF)

Chapter 4: Electroquasistatic fields: the superposition integral point of view (PDF)

Demo 4.7.1: Charge induced in ground plane by overhead conductor  (MP4 - 19.6)

Chapter 5: Electroquasistatic fields from the boundary value point of view (PDF)
Demo 5.5.1: Capacitance attenuator
(MP4 - 26MB)

Chapter 6: Polarization (PDF)

Demo 6.6.1: An artificial dielectric (MP4 - 24.9MB)

Chapter 7: Conduction and electroquasistatic charge relaxation (PDF)

Demo 7.5.1: Distribution of unpaired charge (MP4 - 10.8MB)
Demo 7.5.2: Rotation of an insulating rod in a steady current (MP4 - 12.8MB)
Demo 7.7.1: Relaxation of charge on particle in Ohmic (MP4 - 13.4MB)
Demo 7.7.1 Supplement: Van de Graaff and Kelvin generators (MP4 - 13.4MB)
Demo 7.7.2: Electrostatic precipitation (MP4 - 44.6)

Chapter 8: Magnetoquasistatic fields: superposition integral and boundary value points of view (PDF)

Demo 8.2.1: Field of a circular cylindrical solenoid (MP4 - 16.7MB)
Demo 8.2.2: Field of square pair of coils (MP4 - 20.6MB)
Demo 8.4.1: Surface used to define the flux linkage (MP4 - 19.7MB)
Demo 8.5.1: Field and inductance of a spherical coil (MP4 - 18.3MB)
Demo 8.6.1: Surface currents induced in ground plane by overhead conductor (MP4 - 20.8MB)
Demo 8.6.2: Inductive attenuator (MP4 - 35.6MB)

Chapter 9: Magnetization (PDF)

Demo 9.4.1: Measurement of B-H characteristic (MP4 - 17.8MB)

Chapter 10: Magnetoquasistatic relaxation and diffusion (PDF)

Demo 10.0.1: Nonuniqueness of voltage in a magnetoquasistatic (MQS) system (MP4 - 16MB)
Demo 10.2.1: Edgerton's boomer (MP4 - 58.8MB)
Demo 10.4.1: Currents induced in a conducting shell (MP4 - 17.1MB)
Demo 10.7.1: Skin effect (MP4 - 24.7MB)

Chapter 11: Energy, power flow, and forces (PDF)

Demo 11.6.2: Force on a liquid dielectric (MP4 - 18.3MB)
Demo 11.7.1: Steady state magnetic levitation (MP4 - 36MB)

Chapter 12: Electrodynamic fields: the superposition integral point of view (PDF)

Chapter 13: Electrodynamic fields: the boundary value point of view (PDF)

Demo 13.1.1: Visualization of standing waves (MP4 - 23.4MB)

Chapter 14: One-dimensional wave dynamics (PDF)

Chapter 15: Overview of electromagnetic fields (PDF)

Solutions Manual
Electromagnetic Fields and Energy Solutions Manual (PDF - 12.7MB)


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